Longtime friend and Steadicam Operator Extraordinaire, Drew Weaver, asked me to help on a music video. The budget was very low, but the art was good, and it had been too long since I had gotten to work with Drew, so I said yes. The job was in the studio and the plan was to live on the Steadicam pretty much all day. Being on a nice concrete floor all day I was feeling pretty bold about my cart build, so I offered to let Drew dock his Steadicam on the cart, along with my 2x 17" monitors, scopes, color wheels, laptop, and battery backup. I was a little worried it would be too much but my Inovativ cart hadn't let me down yet, and had always performed better than even my best expectations so I decided to go for it. 30 minutes later, this wonderful setup was rocking:

On one side is a Red Epic MX, on Drew's custom Steadicam rig, his GPI Pro vest, and my DIT kit on the right half of the cart. Despite all the weight, the cart still handles really well, albeit it is just on a flat concrete floor. Every time the Steadicam goes on or comes off, there is a significant movement on the cart, but things settle pretty quick and the equipment never feels compromised. The best part is, as the camera is being built and prepared I can have direct access to it and the DP, which makes for a smooth, efficient workflow. Not for every job obviously but it was a fun and worked well for the studio environment.